Bates Academy receives $1,000 for school with highest Count Day attendance

As part of Huntington Bank’s Lemonade Day Program, where students learn how to become successful entrepreneurs through operating their own lemonade stands, Huntington Bank awarded a $1,000 check to Bates Academy on Tuesday, May 27, for receiving the highest attendance rate on Count Day February 14, 2014. The money will be used to support the school’s Lemonade Day business Saturday, June 7.

Huntington Bank and Viacom partnered with DPS to aid in increasing student attendance on Count Day by continuing the Get Schooled Attendance Campaign which launched on February 3.

About Lemonade Day
Lemonade Day is a national program that involves project-based cross-curricular activities that culminate with students operating their own businesses in the form of lemonade stands. More than 52,000 students participated in the Detroit Public Schools Lemonade Day on Friday, June 7, 2013. For these lessons, students worked collaboratively and applied their content area lessons, as they learned the basics of entrepreneurship including: goal setting, planning, budgeting, pricing, profits, loss and more. To learn more about Lemonade Day, visit

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