Detroit Institute of Arts showcases student art exhibit on climate change

The Detroit Climate Action Collaborative (DCAC), Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (DWEJ), Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and Wayne RESA celebrated on May 14, 2014 the launch for the DIA’s newest exhibit, which features art created by Detroit Public Schools students.

At the Human Artistic Perspective of Climate Change, Detroiters gathered to celebrate the climate-related art projects of students from Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School and The Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School at Cody.

“I’m so proud of these students for taking on an issue as important as climate change, which is impacting Detroiters every day,” said Guy Williams, President and CEO of DWEJ, the organization which houses DCAC. “It’s been an honor working with the Detroit Institute of Arts, Wayne RESA and local schools on such an important project that gives the students a unique opportunity to express themselves.”

“At Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School, our students are always hungry to learn about social issues and ways they can help their community,” said Derek Sale, teacher at Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School. “Climate change affects all of us, whether it’s ozone action days that prevent kids from playing outside or extremely hot summer days where we must take extra care for the elderly. I’m proud of our kids for highlighting the need for action on climate.”

“At a time when the threat of climate change preys on our existence, it is important to engage those that will ultimately tip the balance,” said Chad Segrist, teacher at the Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School at Cody. “That is why this wonderful opportunity that was provided by our friends at the DCAC, DWEJ, DIA, and Wayne RESA was so important and relevant for our students. It has enriched their understanding of this complex problem.”

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