King High School DECA Chapter partners with Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Over the last two years, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School DECA chapter has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (Holden Club) to provide mentorship to the young club members and to educate them on social issues that will help them now and in the future.

Under the direction of their advisor, Felicia Jones, King students created, developed and implemented an Education Enrichment Program. For six weeks, the students and their advisor would go on Tuesdays to the club for a one hour session. The Education Enrichment Program consisted of various lessons such as financial literacy, hygiene, community service, respect and bullying. The students agreed that these were relevant topics that the youth needed to learn. Additionally, they believed that their own personal experiences growing up and dealing with such issues could be shared with the children.  

Working with the Boys and Girls Club benefited the DECA members because they each gained a since of fulfillment knowing they were giving back to the community they grew up in. Students were proud to be a part of helping the youth and developing tomorrow’s leaders. DECA member, Tyrell Stephens stated that he was, “happy he did the community service and was proud that he gave back.”

Also over the two years, the chapter has raised money to give to the Boys and Girls Club and this year they donated $250.00. Chris Kyles, the club director stated that he was, “glad for the partnership with the school and looks forward to the students coming back next year.”

Refrenced by: Felicia Jones

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