Cass Tech students teach STEM skills to GEAR UP students

STEM Genius and Cass Technological High School students will teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills to 9th grade MI GEAR UP students in Brody Hall at Michigan State University on Saturday, March 29.

STEM Genius, an innovative program using creative and exciting project-based learning, and Cass students will team up with MIGU students from Detroit, Jackson, Lansing, and Albion schools to learn about Amusement Park Physics. The students will design and build amusement park model rides to experience hands-on learning, where they use their imagination to create an Amusement Park Project.  This project consists of learning about the history of amusement park rides, the physics and engineering behind them, designing and building models and careers within the STEM industry.


MI GEAR UP (MIGU) is a statewide collaborative effort providing early intervention services in two key areas: (1) Gaining Early Awareness refers to college exposure, financial aid/admissions information, college choice and other important knowledge necessary for students to become prepared to pursue post-secondary options; (2) Readiness for Undergraduate Programs refers to skill building and academic preparedness including reading, literacy, critical thinking skills, study techniques, and test-taking ability. 


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