Project Hope at J.E. Clark

Second graders from J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy welcomed students from Allen Park High School to collaborate on a project and commemorate National Homeless Month on Friday, November 22.

High school and elementary students became partners for the day to design and create ceramic house luminaries under the guidance and supervision of teachers Jalane Richardson and Kimberly Morrison. The homes will be auctioned at an upcoming event, and the funds raised will be donated to a local shelter of their choosing in the name of both schools. The homes will also be on display at the DIA before the auction event.

Students were engaged and excited to work and create their designs knowing that they were helping a good cause and building great relationships as well as homes. This experience was productive and positive for all. Clark members hope it will be the start of more collaborations and relationship building with our youth across urban and suburban boundaries.

Submitted by: Kimberly Morrison, J.E. Clark Academy 2nd grade teacher


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