Benjamin Carson High School celebrates 2nd Annual White Coat Ceremony

Benjamin Carson High School held its 2nd Annual White Coat Ceremony on Thursday, October 24, in the auditorium of Spain Elementary-Middle School.  This is a rite of passage honoring the class of 2016 where students received their white coats with their name tags and recited a “Pledge of Professionalism” promising to work hard to achieve their goals.

The keynote address was given by Dr. William G. Anderson, Vice President and Director of Medical Education of the Detroit Medical Center- Osteopathic Division.  The ceremony was conducted by Dr. Susan Schooley of the Henry Ford Health System and Dr. Gary Willyerd of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Education consultant Dr. Jay Marks provided the opening remarks.

“The White Coat ceremony was very nice. The teachers did a great job organizing this ceremony for us and there was a lot of positive energy,” sophomore Andrea Burns- Benson said.

Najiyyah Bellamy spoke about the energy of the evening.

“I felt as if I have achieved something important.  I know it’s just a white plain coat with my name on it but when Dr. Anderson gave me my coat I felt like I accomplished something.  I was just so happy because everyone was there supporting me during this moment,” Bellamy said.

Students were enthusiastic and were pleased with the overall event in their honor.

Written by: Fahd Miller, 10th grade student at Benjamin Carson High School.


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