Durfee holds pep rally to kick-off MEAP testing

Durfee Elementary-Middle School views MEAP as a competition against themselves. The school held a pep rally to get students excited about the MEAP. The goal was to beam more positive light on test-taking with the expectation that students will perform better.

To make the test even more exciting, 20 top MEAP scorers will receive a $5 McDonald’s gift card; the top scoring class will receive a pizza party; and the top 10 MEAP reading and math scorers will win a trip to the Olive Garden or Red Lobster. If the winning teacher has two top winners, the teacher gets to attend and eat for free as well.

Each class made positive themed MEAP posters and team names. Students recited the Durfee Pledge, cheerleaders lead MEAP chants, mini MEAP spelling and math bees were held, tug of war by grade level, a free-throw shoot out and music to the Cupid Shuffle. Durfee teachers were also toilet-papered by students in a competition between grade levels.

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