DPS Office of School Nutrition to sponsor brand new “Eat to Win on Count Day” contest to maximize attendance

Nearly 1 of every 4 students attending all classes in a DPS High School on Count Day will win a prize, and prizes abound for Pre-K-8 and Second Chance

September 30, 2013 –In an effort to maximize attendance on Count Day, Detroit Public Schools and the DPS Office of School Nutrition today are announcing a new initiative to improve attendance called “Eat to Win on Count Day.”

The program will include a variety of prizes for grades kindergarten through grade 12, as well first-time incentives for Second Chance students and Pre-Kindergarten students. Prizes include iPad Minis, gift cards, 200 bikes for grades K-8 and more. Approximately 1 of every 4 high school students will win a prize for full attendance on Count Day, October 2, 2013.

On the menu on Count Day will be BBQ chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, seasoned green beans, cole slaw, a corn muffin and peach cobbler.

Betti Wiggins, Executive Director of the Office of School Nutrition for Detroit Public Schools, said she hopes the Count Day program will increase participation in the breakfast and lunch program and encourage full attendance.

“Increasing access and awareness of healthy foods is fundamental to student academic achievement and the community well-being on many levels,” she said.

As an ongoing incentive, DPS will offer a uniform voucher for students who newly enrolled in the district during these dates: September 17 through October 2. (Note: This includes only students NEW to the district and who enrolled during those dates.)   Restrictions apply.

“Eat to Win on Count Day” Program specifics:

High Schools

  • Each school will have a pre-determined number of prizes available consisting of Ipad minis and $10 Walmart gift cards.
  • Each student will be given a pre-printed attendance passport card which will have their name and student ID bar code printed on the front and signature lines for teachers to validate attendance for each class on the back. Students will be able to get their passport cards signed and scanned when receiving lunch on Count Day.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 4 students will win a prize.
  • Cards must be turned in to the Office of School Nutrition during lunch on Thursday October 3. Office of School Nutrition staff will randomly select the predetermined number of cards to determine prize winners.
  • By no later than October 10, staff will distribute prizes to each school for delivery to winning students with a sign-off acknowledging receipt by students, which must be returned to the Office of School Nutrition by October 17.


K-8 Schools

Each student who receives lunch on Count Day will have their names entered into a database that will be used to randomly select two names, at each school, to win a bike.


Pre-K classrooms

Students who attend Pre-K will have an opportunity to randomly win $50 Gift cards in all Pre-K Classrooms.


Second Chance Program

Students who attend the Second Chance Programs will have an opportunity to win an iPad Mini.

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