Constitution Day at Carver S.T.E.M.

Carver S.T.E.M. Academy students took part in a unique activity called Constitution Day on Tuesday, September 17, giving social studies students in grades 6-8, a chance to create a 28th Amendment!

Students researched the Constitution, where they had the opportunity to go beyond the basics and explored the sections of the Preamble, Articles, Bill of Rights and Amendments along with the responsibilities held for each.

The challenge was to either support an existing amendment or to write a 28th Amendment. Students had to take on the role of a senator or representative and present a proposal for an amendment. During presentation, students had to tell which party they belonged to as well as their age. Next, they presented their amendment, or gave support of an existing one. Students had to give reason for the proposal and who the amendment would affect as well as cause, for the body to consider it.

The two most popular amendments were the right to drive at an earlier age and the right to vote in the regular elections as a middle-schooler. Reasons given were, the ability to get where they needed; and with voting, to create responsible citizens and add to the voter turnout.


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