WRCJ-FM to hold first-ever All-Day Live DPS Showcase!

On Thursday, August 29 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Detroit’s Classical and Jazz station WRCJ 90.9 will be featuring a first-ever all-day DPS Showcase with live interviews and student musical sections from the Evening of Fine Arts and Detroit School of Arts.

Teachers and principals from around the district will be featured, and Emergency Manager Jack Martin and Superintendent of Academics Karen Ridgeway will share the district’s progress in student achievement and initiatives to increase arts and music programs as part of the district’s 5-year Strategic Plan entitled “Neighborhood-Centered, Quality Schools.”

The expansion in arts and music is part of an overall transformation Detroit Public Schools’ parents and students will see this fall, including more Pre-Kindergarten, new Community Schools serving as hubs of their neighborhoods, a new Parent University, Career Academies and better customer service – all centered on serving the needs of DPS students and families.


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