DPS teachers take part in a Solar Energy Training Program

Detroit Public Schools’ science teachers participated in a technical industry training program, Monday, July 29, at Benedicts Auditorium in Highland Park. About 40 DPS teachers from all grade levels were able to learn firsthand about the exciting residential, commercial and mobile applications of solar energy.

According to Second Attention Strategies President Scott Meloeny, the Solar Energy Training Program was developed as an innovative approach to support the standard educational format.

The 3-day Training Program was designed to equip Detroit Public Schools science teachers with the knowledge and skills to introduce students to the fastest growing industry in the United States, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy.

“Teachers and students will be given the unique opportunity to become leaders in the renewable energy industry while reducing our planet’s need for fossil fuels, supporting Detroit Public Schools as an academic pioneer and providing students with real, viable pathways to careers,” said Meloeny.

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