DIT at Cody participates in Race Day at Michigan International Speedway

A total of 15 students from the Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School at Cody competed in the Michigan International Speedway Race Day May 4, 2013 in Brooklyn, Michigan.

Under the direction of Chad Segrist, Lead Science Teacher and STEAM Facilitator, DIT at Cody finished 2nd overall in the Ford Oval Race, 2nd in sportsmanship, and 3rd out of 16 teams overall.

The team was awarded two trophies at an awards banquet in late May.

IVD Vehicle Mission

The mission of the IVD vehicle is to safely travel the greatest distance in a 30-minute “figure 8” course, as well as a one-hour “Big Oval” course with a specified quantity of on-board stored and/or active energy for each course.

“The performance on the two courses provides an effective measure of overall vehicle design choices and systems integration,” according to Segrist. “Innovations and features chosen for the vehicle integration must be relevant to the mission and the energy efficiency objectives.”

Big Oval Performance Trophy-2nd Place: Each participating vehicle earns 10 points for each mile completed on the Oval Course in 60 minutes.

Sportsmanship Trophy-2nd Place: Awarded to the team showing outstanding sportsmanship during the IVD competition. The highest point total determines the winner for this trophy. This award does not have a specific scoring chart, but is awarded by consensus of officials at the conclusion of the day’s event, based upon observations and interactions.

Tri-State participation-3rd Place: Overall of 16 teams

DIT at Cody was sponsored by Square One Network to participate in the event. TATA Technologies provided on-site engineering assistance and project support.

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