PSL golfers getting instruction but need better equipment

The Detroit Public School League has teamed with the Hollywood Golf Institute in an effort to improve the league’s level of competition on the links.

“It’s about giving our young people a thorough understanding of the game, which hopefully leads to more getting into college on golf scholarships,” said Selina Johnson, CEO of Hollywood Golf, a national organization that was started in 1980 in Detroit to invest in the future of young golfers.

 “The goal is to take their golf game up a step,’’ Johnson said. “A lot of things can be improved. It starts with knowing the game.”

Working closely with 11 PSL teams and their coaches, Hollywood Golf’s staff of instructors conducted seven classroom-type sessions in preparation for the PSL boys’ golf season which started last week.

“We’ve seen some progress and I expect we’re going to see more,’’ Johnson said.

“One of the needs we have is better golfing equipment for our teams. We want them to learn how to put together a proper bag. There’s so much more we could do with good equipment…clubs, bags, head covers, balls, umbrellas…rather than trying to teach them with just enough equipment to get by.”

Johnson said her group is seeking donations of slightly-used golf equipment. Anyone interested in donating can contact her at 248-747-3489 or DPS Office of Athletics executive director Alvin Ward at 313-870-3782.


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