Cody Detroit Institute of Technology students eat in the name of MLK

Tuesday, January 22nd AmeriCorps partnered with Detroit Youth Energy Squad to host a workshop with 40 students in the Cody Detroit Institute of Technology auditorium to educate students on the importance of food justice.

Malik Yakini, the founder of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, talked with the students about the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s work and made a connection students could understand between MLK’s emphasis on civil rights, human rights, and the food system. He also acknowledged the role that race and class plays in access to healthy food.

With the overall theme of the day being focused on food justice, students were able to explore areas which included: dignity in the place where you buy food, dignity for food workers, and economic justice.

Students participated in various workshops in which they discovered:

  • The story of food
  • The basics of healthy food preparation
  • How to make green smoothies

Students left the workshop with a new understanding of whole versus processed foods and the impact of their eating habits. The workshop was a guide for students to use this knowledge to make a healthy difference in their future.

For more information on Detroit Black Community Food Security Network visit,

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