PACSA, for student achievement within DPS

The Parent Advisory Council on Student Achievement (PACSA) is on a mission, and that mission is to bring parents and community members together to support the academic plan, instructional delivery and accountability systems in Detroit Public Schools.

On Saturday, February 16, PACSA held a training that focused on the following criteria:

  • Academic improvement of all students
  • Uses of data related to academic performance to make suggestions to the leadership of the schools
  • Building capability in all interested adults to support the efforts of the school’s administration

PACSA, along with Detroit Public Schools district leadership, is committed to sharing decision making and responsibility for student achievement within DPS. According to the PACSA mission statement, DPS can successfully provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, inspiring and challenges the minds of all students who in turn will make a positive contribution to society.

PACSA Fact Sheet

Members must complete 15-20 hours of formal training in the following areas to be certified as a PACSA Member:

  • Understand school data
  • School culture and climate
  • Title I parent involvement
  • Presentation skills
  • Conducting productive meetings
  • Conflict resolution

For those individuals interested in joining PACSA, or would like more feedback on the program, here are a few informative testimonials from the Parent Leaders who attended the Feb. 16 meeting:

“To increase student achievement, parents must be active with their students. I learned how to listen, culture of schools, and facts about Title 1 funds.” Henderson Parent Leader

“Change is for the best. I enjoyed the entire process. Main thing I learned is there are a lot of different ways of approaching a meeting. I got tips from the facilitator and my peers to work to meet the parents’ needs to help keep them engaged in the school. I will implement a clothes pantry and food pantry at our school. I will work harder with my parents and in my school even if there are disputes within our group. I know how to handle disagreements better and how to accept that everyone will not be pleased all the time.” Fisher Lower Parent Leader

“It was very informative; I was able to gain ways to resolve conflict in my school. Wonderful opportunity to network with other Parent Leaders and materials will be helpful to work with the Principal and incorporate with parent meetings at my school.” Mackenzie School Parent Leader

“Overall the training offered good information. DATA and Test Scores presentations were awesome. I would like to see DATA and school improvement plans in a separate break out session. I would like to receive more strategies with how to communicate effectively with DPS Leadership.” Paul Roberson Parent Leader

For more information about the PACSA Program, contact the Office of Parent and Community Engagement at (313) 873-7490 or visit

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