DPS Parents and Staff: Texting is coming to a cell phone near YOU Thursday!

Detroit Public Schools will officially launch a new text messaging system to better communicate with parents

DETROIT – (January 9, 2013) Detroit Public Schools on Thursday will officially launch a new service that will enhance parent communication by allowing the district and schools to deliver important information via opt-in SMS text messaging, a service that will be particularly important during the winter months when school closures due to inclement weather are more likely.

In order to participate in the new service, parents must opt in and indicate a willingness to receive text messages to their phones. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete.

On Thursday, January 10, parents will receive a text message asking them to text the word yes, optin, or subscribe when they receive a text message on behalf of Detroit Public Schools.

Or parents can start the process today by texting any of the words yes, optin, or subscribe to the number 68453.

“This new SMS text messaging service will enhance our extensive system of communicating and engaging with our parents and offer our schools and the district another important tool to notify our parents quickly in emergencies,” Chief Operating Officer Mark Schrupp said. “We also expect that the system will augment communications regarding our classroom and attendance initiatives.”

Communications and engagement with parents also include useful workshops in the district’s eight Parent Resource Centers, personal and automated calls, emails, social media and more. The district will only use the texting service to provide information that is timely and relevant.

The district last month launched a 30-day information campaign to notify parents of this important opportunity to enhance communications with them.

Opting in does not mean parents will immediately start receiving text messages. It simply means they have indicated a willingness to receive messages from the district and schools. Parents can also opt out at any time.

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