DC Prep Counselor and Teacher recognized by College Summit

Two Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School staff members were recognized in the December 2012 issue of the College Summit Talent Development Partner Schools Community Update.

Ms. Doris Dixon, College and Career Counselor & College Summit Facilitator, and Mr. Matthew Golusin, 9th Grade Freshman Seminar Teacher, were featured in the Educator Spotlight section.

As noted in the highlight by College Summit:

“We appreciate the work that all of our TD partner school educators do to ensure that the College Summit program is successfully implemented. This month, there are two educators who are really making College Summit come to life in their schools.”

“Ms. Dixon is a loving and caring counselor, who holds her students to high expectations. Ms. Dixon encourages not just her students, but is supportive of teachers and administration alike. Detroit Collegiate Prep currently houses only 9th and 10th grade, and continues to grow by grade level each year, establishing a strong culture of college and career success integral to the foundation of the school. Ms. Dixon is a key player in helping to cultivate this culture, and works in tandem with Mr. Martin, the school principal, to ensure his vision and mission for Detroit Collegiate is realized. Ms. Dixon was able to get all 9th and 10th grade students registered in CSNav (College Summit’s online tool for exploring and planning your life after high school) in record time, being one of the first College Summit partner schools-not just amongst TD schools, but all of our schools, to accomplish this goal within the deadline.”

“Mr. Golusin is in his second year of teaching, but you would never know! Mr. Golusin appropriately blends new school and old school teaching strategies to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for his students. Although only the first semester of his course is dedicated to Freshman Seminar, Mr. Golusin continues to embed lessons related to personal, career, and academic development throughout the entire year. Most impressive is Mr. Golusin’s use of technology in the classroom. Technology is utilized in his classroom to keep students posted about deadlines, share notes and documents, and manage behaviors and expectations in real time. Mr. Golusin’s students are leading in milestone completion amongst all TD schools and many national College Summit partner schools.”

Congratulations Mr. Golusin and Ms. Dixon for being recognized by College Summit!!

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