Clippert Academy uses worms to Go Green!

As part of the Go Green initiative, the Science Olympiad Team and 5th grade class of Clippert Academy created composting bins for Clippert’s two gardens. The project was completed under the direction of teachers Kathy Meloche and Emma Howland-Bolton.

The bins were made from recycled tires donated by Armando’s Tires and Mr. Yer Kue, a Clippert staff member. The team filled each tire with newspaper, stacked the tires, then created bottoms and covers for the bins.

Worms and food scraps were placed in the bins. The bins will be used to compost the food scraps left-over from the school’s breakfast program. The compost will be used to fertilize and enrich the garden soil.

The first batch of compost will be ready in the spring—just in time for planting!

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