Guess which schools are “Going Green” this week?! Find out…

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DPS students ‘Go Green’ with a tour of Belle Isle through the Urban Forest Stewardship Program

During DPS Go Green Week, hundreds of students from schools across the district participated in the 2012 Urban Forest Stewardship Field Trip program at Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

From Nov. 19-30, students toured Belle Isle to highlight historic and current uses. The students also visited their own stewardship project sites, which involve shoreline restoration, invasive species removal and trail construction.

After lunch each day, the students enjoyed a scavenger hunt at Belle Isle Nature Zoo and an outdoor lesson on identifying winter trees.

Several DPS schools have participated in the Urban Forest Stewardship Program Field Trip series including: Cass Technical High School, Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, Martin Luther King Jr., Senior High School, Ronald Brown Academy, Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School and Hutchinson at Howe Elementary-Middle School and A.L. Holmes Elementary-Middle School.

About the Urban Forest Stewardship ProgramThe 2011-2012 Urban Forest Stewardship Program provides teachers with the training and resources needed to integrate forestry into their curriculums. Several Detroit Public Schools are participating in the program which provides opportunities for urban middle/high school students to engage in hands-on forest stewardship projects to enhance the ecological health and accessibility of urban forests on Belle Isle. The program is coordinated by Michigan Technological University, in partnership with the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education and Belle Isle Nature Zoo, with contributions from Detroit Public Schools, Hawk Woods Nature Center, Michigan Forest Foundation and Michigan Project Learning Tree. The program is funded with a two-year grant from the USDA Forest Service.

Clippert Academy uses worms to Go Green!

As part of the Go Green initiative, the Science Olympiad Team and 5th grade class of Clippert Academy created composting bins for Clippert’s two gardens. The project was completed under the direction of teachers Kathy Meloche and Emma Howland-Bolton.

The bins were made from recycled tires donated by Armando’s Tires and Mr. Yer Kue, a Clippert staff member. The team filled each tire with newspaper, stacked the tires, then created bottoms and covers for the bins.

Worms and food scraps were placed in the bins. The bins will be used to compost the food scraps left-over from the school’s breakfast program. The compost will be used to fertilize and enrich the garden soil.

The first batch of compost will be ready in the spring—just in time for planting!

“DTE Energy THINK! ENERGY” at Ronald Brown Academy, Neinas Elementary School, Emerson Elementary-Middle School and Burton International Academy

Ronald Brown Academy kicked off DPS Go Green Week with a “DTE Energy THINK! ENERGY” presentation on Monday, November 26. Students in grades 4-6 and all school staff were provided take-home energy conservation kits. The kits included water-conserving shower and faucet heads, light bulbs, and a night light to help families continue their green efforts at home.

Burton International Academy hosted a “DTE Energy THINK! ENERGY” presentation on November 20th and the take-home action kits filled with energy efficiency products were passed out on Tuesday, November 27th.  PreK-5th graders are competing in a “Go Green” bottle collection competition.  K-8th graders are participating in the DPS “Go Green” poster contest.  Each grade level is working on individual projects based on a variety of “Go Green” topics!

Emerson Elementary-Middle School will host a “DTE Energy THINK! ENERGY” presentation on Wednesday, November 28 and Neinas Elementary School will host a “DTE Energy THINK! ENERGY” presentation on Thursday, November 29. Students at each school will receive the take-home action kits filled with energy efficiency products.

Hoop House and Community Garden Tour

As part of Detroit Public Schools’ first-ever ‘Go Green Week,’ Drew Transition Center, which serves post-secondary special education students ages 18-26, showcased its outdoor Hoop House and Community Garden on Tuesday, November 27. Students harvested vegetables that are used throughout the year in the school’s cafeteria. Drew’s students also assisted in a demonstration to parents on how to make a healthy Stoplight Salad, using greens harvested from the Hoop House.

View a video from the event!

Breithaupt Career & Technical Center presents Community Clinics

What: 30-Minute “How-to-Clinics” will showcase students in Culinary Services, Cosmetology, Technology, and the Trade Industry.

When: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 from 3:30-5:30 PM

In recognition of “Green Week,” students in the Welding Program will be making plant stands, and students in the Cosmetology Program will use natural products for facial demonstrations.

All are WELCOME!

Build a Raised Garden Bed Class

Randolph Career and Technical Center students will hold a DIY home improvement demonstration Thursday, November 29 at 1:30 p.m. on constructing above-ground garden boxes. The class will consist of a “Home-Depot-like” demonstration by Randolph’s students on how to build a raised garden bed from start to finish.

Pasteur Elementary School Energy Monitors

What have our Pasteur Energy Monitors been up to this week?

  • (4) Fifth grade Junior Gems = Energy Monitors
  • Inspecting for wasteful water usage
  • Reminding teachers to turn off lights and computers at the end of the day/week/ long school breaks
  • Using data to monitor if the energy usage and energy costs are being reduced

Recent/Ongoing Activities

  • Hosted a school-wide assembly featuring the Green Living Science Educational Group (third grade students received lessons and projects).
  • Hosted a school-wide assembly from DTE energy.
  • Recycling paper: All classes have a “Detroit Recycles” Container and large recycle containers are in the hallways.

Go Green Week Activities

Students will:

  • Record ways they are going green in the classroom and at home, and record how often they are implementing their green tasks at home and school.
  • Be involved in the Go Green Week Poster contest.
  • Will be given DTE energy kits for families.
  • Make an art project out of recycled objects.
  • Participate in Science lessons on recycling, reducing waste, and saving energy.
  • Make door hanger reminders for each classroom to turn off lights and computers at the end of the day.
  • Make personal door hanger reminders for home use.
  • Decorate the classroom door for the winter season using recycled materials, such as using old CDs/DVDs as ornaments.
  • Monitor with their checklist and give reminders to students and teachers about reducing energy.
  • Wear green shirts on Friday as part of “Go Green Week.”

Keidan Special Education Center

  • Microwaveless Week: Bring a lunch that does not require the use of a microwave.
  • Team-up Tuesday: Pick a partner and work with them during the last hour of the day and cut off all power in one room, share a lesson for that hour.
  • Work it out Wednesday: Pick a buddy to ride to work with if you can this day.
  • Thirsty Thursday: Use a recyclable container to bring your water in. Our goal is to drink 64 oz of water this day.
  • Fabulous Friday: All wear green, take a school Picture on this day and email it to the DPS go green team.

Thurgood Marshall

Students have made a pledge to continue recycling paper, turning off lights, and using natural light at home and during the school day.

Golightly Elementary-Middle School

  • Harvesting their garden Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Picking kale, and making them into Kale chips.
  • Special grade-level events.
  • Thursday: Gleaners Food Bank will distribute healthy food to 150 families.

Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS)

  • DTE Energy/National Energy Foundation presentation on energy conservation.
  • Distribution of Think Energy! Take Action Kits to help conserve energy at home to registered students.

Fisher Magnet Lower Academy

Students have made a pledge to use less water, and turn off lights and computers at the end of the day to reduce energy costs.

West Side Academy

Energy Saving Reminders are being sent to the staff members of West Side Academy in the form of note cards that can be placed at the bottom of their computer monitors, as well as reminders that will be placed above the light switches of the classroom.

Reminders will include:

  • Turn off all lights during lunchtime.
  • Leave only 1 light on during prep hours.
  • Turn off all lights when leaving any room.
  • Lower shades overnight to conserve energy.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use.
  • Consolidate appliance use when possible.
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