Fun Times at Clippert Academy!

The teachers and staff of Clippert Academy have been finding creative ways to keep students engaged.

For Halloween, “Dr. Labula,” aka science teacher Kathy Meloche, parted her busy “Transylvanian schedule” to visit Clippert Academy.

Dr. Labula and her trusty assistant Dr. Scar (Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Cheyenne Diadiun), showed the students special science tricks, such as how to make water appear and disappear, and how to blow a balloon up inside of a flask!

Each class was able to light up a ball using only human electricity.

The students enjoyed themselves so much, they are hoping Dr. Labula and Dr. Scar will visit Clippert again next Halloween!






Monday, November 12 was another exciting day at Clippert Academy.

Staff and students constructed a Memorial Wall of Honor to celebrate the family and friends of Clippert who are veterans.

The school also held a dance and recited the names of the veterans every 30 minutes so that the students and staff could cheer for each one.

This year 62 veterans were honored!

Special honors were paid to Mr. Bailey, special education teacher, who retired with honors from the U.S. Air Force and Ms. Jenkins, academic games instructor, who retired from the U.S. Army.

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