Dad’s Club at Chrysler Elementary School featured on

The Dad’s Club at Chrysler Elementary School is a unique group of gentlemen who have seized the opportunity to make the public educational experience in Detroit safe, secure, and esteemed.

These men are volunteers and they all have children attending Chrysler. Their professions include Detroit Police Officers, truck drivers, funeral directors, Detroit Institute of Arts personnel, mechanics, an athletic trainer, and a retired social worker.

The Dad’s Club watches over Chrysler’s students coming to school while extending a VIP greeting with curb side service. This league of extra ordinary gentlemen dot a path of protection starting from the curb on Lafayette, and orange cones are situated to form a barrier for parents or guardians dropping off students.

The Examiner was recently afforded the opportunity to interview the Dad’s Club members and visit Chrysler.

Click here for the FULL story and to view a photo slide show of the Dads ‘On the Job’ keeping Chrysler students safe!

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