Thirkell students take part in Mock Election

Students at Thirkell Elementary School enjoyed a Mock Election on Monday, voting on key issues including the Presidential Election and a unique ballot proposal to host activities on Fridays at the school.

Thirkell’s rendition of Proposal 1 asked students in grades 3-5 to vote Yes or No on having activities during the last hour of school on Fridays including academic games, arts and crafts, choir, chess, checkers and more. Students in grades PreK-5 voted on the Presidential Election.

A total of 91% of the 3rd through 5th graders participating in the election voted yes for Proposal 1 and 9% voted no. Due to the election results, the activities will begin during the second semester of the school year.

As to why some students voted no: “They said they just wanted to have free time, or to go home,” said Lee Wright, Jr., Academic Engagement Administrator, with a smile. “Hey, it’s their vote. And they have the right to voice their opinion.”

Click here to view a video from the Mock Election:

Wright organized the Mock Election, which began on Friday with an assembly geared toward ensuring students know what it actually means to cast a vote and why utilizing their right to vote is so important.

Each student at the school—about 485 total—was given a Voter Registration Card. The school’s Student Council members were in charge of organizing voting precincts.

During the assembly on Friday, students also provided speeches favoring both President Barack Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney.

The Mock Election lasted for about two hours.

“It was a long process, but we got through it,” Wright said. “This is the first time we had a Mock Election at Thirkell. It was something I wanted to bring to the students here. It’s a wonderful experience for the kids to take part in the whole voting process.”

Other staff members who helped to facilitate the Mock Election included teachers Herbert Graham and Deshawn Jackson, who is also the supervisor over Student Council.

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