Students participate in anti-bullying sessions at Camp Burt Shurly

Students in September have enjoyed educationally-filled weekends at Camp Burt Shurly on the theme of “Anti-Bullying: Don’t Stand By, Stand Up!”

The camps, for students in grades 5-12, are sponsored by the Department of Social Studies.

The retreat staff, led by Mr. Michael Searcy, introduces students to strategies that combat bullying in all of its forms from face-to-face confrontations to social networking.  Student council members from around the district forge friendships, travel through the woods on nature walks and roast marshmallows on an open camp fire as they converse on the issues that affect their lives.

As the day breaks and the students awaken from a night of festivities, the cool air does not dampen the spirits of the students, or for that matter, the wonderful DPS teachers who chaperone and who bravely endure the exciting adventures ranging from riding platoon boats to late night sing-alongs to playing basketball.

High schools students also forge peer relationships with their younger counterparts and answer questions about future college aspirations.

At the close of each camp session, students share what they have learned about anti-bullying and what they intend to share with their schoolmates.  They are truly, anti-bullying Ambassadors!

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