GM environmental engineers team up with Clippert to install a pollinator garden

Clippert Academy installed a pollinator Garden June 5, 2012 with the help of Marleen Bandy and other environmental engineers from the GM plant in Romulus.

How it came about:

During the 2011-2012 school year, Clippert Academy participated in “The Urban Forest Stewardship Program” sponsored by MAEOE (Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education), The US Forest Service, Michigan Tech, and The Belle Isle Nature Zoo.

The 6th Grade students attended classes on Belle Isle, and became engaged in one of three stewardship projects. The students completed a Trail Construction Project in which they created a nature play area along the trail. They also participated in one Community Work Day in which they worked with the Belle Isle Conservancy to help remove invasive plant species, such as honeysuckle and privet from Belle Isle in order to preserve Belle Isle’s old growth forest.

The students also were challenged to create a schoolyard natural area that would include native tree, shrub and forb species typically found in local forests. This garden was funded through the Urban Forest Stewardship Program.  The area will be used as an outdoor classroom, a place where students can interact with native species of plants and the local wildlife without having to leave school grounds.

The 6th grade science classes of Clippert chose to plant a native pollinator garden and enlisted the assistance of Environmental Engineers from the GM Romulus plant who graciously donated soil, their talents and time in creating a raised bed on the school grounds.   Several different species of native flowers were planted June 5, 2012, including butterfly weed, milkweed, Black-eyed Susan, butterfly bushes, and many more.

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