Logan, O.W. Holmes schools join volunteers to plant 300 trees in Southwest Detroit for beautification project on their new Munger PreK to 8 campus

Volunteers from Detroit Public Schools joined Greening of Detroit to plant 300 trees in four hours for a beautification project on the campus of the new $22.3 million Munger PreK to 8 School in Southwest Detroit.

Students, parents and community members from the Logan and O.W. Holmes elementary/middle schools’ neighborhoods assisted conservation experts from Greening of Detroit to create a small orchard-like environment on the new school’s campus. The two schools will merge in the fall at the new Munger school.
Earlier this week, students from two other schools consolidating into the new $21.8 million Mackenzie PreK to 8 School, several miles away, held joint parades to their new Fall 2012 school and released 1,000 blue and white balloons.

The planting project at the new Munger school is part of an overall initiative through Greening of Detroit to establish small growth forests in the city. The maturing tree canopies will produce oxygen, cool the surrounding neighborhoods, reduce air particulates and contaminants, infiltrate storm water to reduce river and beach contamination, reestablish natural habitat and provide aesthetic benefits.

Funding for the Munger tree project is provided through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative New Growth Forest Project. The Greening of Detroit is partnering with DPS for this project as one of five projects to be completed during the Spring 2012 planting season.


Demolition began in January 2011 on the former Munger/Chadsey complex to make way for the new $22.3 million Munger PreK to 8 School. The school is scheduled to open in the fall 2012 in a thriving section of Southwest Detroit. The school will include an elementary and middle school wing connected by a two-story student arcade that will function as a dining court, student center and school square. The school is designed to accommodate 850 students.

Munger PreK to 8 School is a part of the $500.5 million DPS Capital Improvement Program, which is building and renovating 18 DPS facilities. Munger is one of the final four schools under construction totaling $150 million in voter-approved investments that will provide some 4,600 students with brand new learning environments that are replacing older facilities.

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