TCF Bank teaches Clark Preparatory Academy Students about Budgeting

High school students aren’t the only DPS students learning about financial literacy. DPS middle school students are as well.

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, TCF BANK collaborated with Clark Preparatory Academy to train eighth graders on how to budget and save.

This program is sponsored by the American Bankers Association’s Teach Children to Save Campaign. Bank representatives taught students quick facts about financial education through fun activities such as the “Survivor Island Worksheet.”

Students were presented with the following scenario: “A family of four must live on an island for four months in order to win $25,000. They can spend only $1,000 to buy all of the important supplies they will need to live on the island.”

The team was required to create a budget and a ‘Checks and Balances’ worksheet. At the end of the training, students received a certificate of completion.

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