DPS Chess Players Win Trophies in United States Chess Federation’s 2012 National K-12 Championship

Thirty-two Detroit Public Schools students traveled to Minneapolis April 13-15 to compete in the United States Chess Federation’s 2012 National K-12 Championship and came home winners!

Five DPS high school teams competed including Cass Technical High School, Douglass Academy for Young Men, Finney High School, Cody High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School.

Each DPS team won trophies from sections that included teams from over 50 schools throughout the country.

Bryan Wilson, a fourth-grader from Spain Elementary-Middle School, was the top individual trophy-winner representing DPS with 5.5 points out of 7 possible points to score a 10th place trophy in the U1600 section.

Cass finished 15th in the U1200 division. Finney finished 14th in the U800 division.

Detroit’s top point-scorer was Cass Tech’s Delano Britton, who scored 6 points to win 6th place in the U800 section.

Devin Dubois of Douglass scored 5 points to tie for a 30th place trophy in the U1200 section. Crockett’s Melvin Myers also scored 5 points in the U800 section to tie for a 20th place trophy.

The three-day tournament drew more than 1,200 competitors from all 50 states, and was preceded by a “blitz” event (5-minute games), in which Cass and King both won additional team trophies.

DeVaughn Croxton from Cass Tech captured the first-place trophy for the 1400-1499 rating group.

Trophy Winners:
Bryan Wilson, 10th, U1600, Spain
Devin Dubois, 30th, U1200, Douglass
Delano Britton, 6th, U800, Cass
Melvin Myers, 20th, U800, Cass
DeVaughn Croxton, 1st, 1400-1499 Rating, K-12 Blitz, Cass
Cass, 15th Team, U1200
Douglass, 25th Team, U1200
Finney, 14th Team, U800
Cody, 20th Team, U800
King, 23rd Team, U800
Cass, 22nd Team, K-12 Blitz
King, 25th Team K-12 Blitz

To view all results, visit http://www.alchess.com/chess/12/hs/.

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