Clippert Academy Students Place 1st and 2nd in Great Lakes Tivitz Tournament

Clippert Academy participated in the Square One Education Network’s 5th Annual Great Lakes Tivitz Tournament held at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum on April 21, 2012.

Students from across the state participated in the tournament.

Clippert students Alejandro Hinojosa placed 1st and Francisco Hernandez placed 2nd in the 8th grade category.

Mrs. Cynthia Hollingshed, eighth grade Algebra I teacher, and Mrs. Adriana Williams, mathematics coach, along with parents attended the event in support of students.

Tivitz is a mathematics board game that serves as an authentic formative assessment tool for teachers. Additionally, Tivitz provides resources and strategies to improve students’ mathematical problem solving and critical thinking skills in a fun and challenging way.

Tivitz gives students the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills in basic numerical operations, fractions, percents and square roots. Tivitz Math addresses Michigan Content Expectations in Number and Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

Tivitz helps students to:

  • Recognize similarities and generalize patterns.
  • Describe the nature of patterns and relationships and construct representations of mathematical relationships.
  • Investigate relationships such as equality, inequality, inverse, factors and multiples.
  • Develop fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Analyze problems to determine an appropriate process for solution.

The online version of Tivitz can be accessed at

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