DPS offers engaging workshops throughout January to set the tone for the New Year and teach parents to get engaged in their child’s education, make healthy choices and more

Detroit Public Schools is offering engaging and useful parent workshops throughout January in the district’s Parent Resource Centers on topics such as how to impact your child’s academic performance, how to improve health and physical fitness, how to empower your family and build on family strengths and how to get involved in your community and school and make a difference in your surroundings to improve your child’s academic success.

The workshops are on the following dates (see Parent Resource Centers January Workshops flier for exact times):


RESOLUTION: Making plans to improve and excel

  • What changes are you willing to make to positively impact your home?
  • How can you impact your child’s academic performance and interest?
  • What are your goals for 2012 and beyond?


JANUARY  16-20

HEALTH: Making healthy life choice

  • The impact food has on the brain
  • The benefits of physical fitness for the entire family
  • Quality of life and physical fitness at any age and ability



EMPOWERING: Making the best of what you have

  • Positive feedback and encouragement to children. What is the impact?
  • Building on family strengths
  • The impact of negative dialogue, feedback, and discussion. What is the impact?



INVOLVEMENT: Making a difference where it matters

  • How can you impact the community you live in?
  • The benefits of volunteering
  • Parental involvement and the impact on education


About DPS Parent and Community Engagement

DPS believes that having actively engaged parents is critical to improving student achievement.

Our Parent and Community Engagement initiatives, which are geared to helping us increase parent involvement, include training camps that focus on parenting, fun and engaging workshops and much more.

Detroit Public Schools, through a performance-driven partnership with Detroit Parent Network, also operates eight parent resource centers that are comfortable spaces for parents and guardians to meet. The centers, which are geographically placed across the city, provide training and resources to parents of DPS students, helping them be involved in their children’s education. This Title I initiative was developed with input from parents and guardians, community leaders and the Detroit Parent Network. It is funded, in part, with a three-year $1.2 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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