Girls from Beard Early Childhood help pick Goodfellows dolls for display at Compuware

Detroit News Columnist Neal Rubin featured students from Beard Early Childhood. He writes:

One of the dolls came with a hand-made pink sleeping bag big enough for a little girl, but 6-year-old Aliyah Myers said she wouldn’t use it.

If that were her doll, she explained, “She would sleep in my bed.”

That, in a comfy little nutshell, is what’s beautiful about the dolls in the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund gift boxes.

The Goodfellows will give boxes to 35,000 poor kids in and around Detroit this Christmas. Eleven thousand of the boxes, bound for 4-to-9-year-olds, will contain a doll. And each doll, having arrived from the factory in only white shoes, flimsy socks and a basic brief, will be outfitted for delivery by a volunteer.

It’s a truly hands-on connection to someone else’s holiday — the spirit of Christmas expressed in fabric. Not that there’s anything wrong with writing a check, and in fact the Goodfellows cheerfully welcome them. But when you sew or crochet or just go to a store and buy an outfit, you know exactly why one small set of eyes will be growing wide

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