King running back Norfleet, Crockett QB Blackburn, Mumford lineman Brown lead PSL All-City Football Team

Chuck Johnson
Media Information Director
DPS Office of Athletics

For the second year in a row, King High’s Dennis Norfleet, Crockett High’s Brian Blackburn and Mumford High’s Daron Brown have been selected to the Detroit Public School League All-City Football Team.

Norfleet, a 5-8, 177-pound senior running back who is headed to Cincinnati, and Blackburn, a 6-5, 215-pound senior quarterback who has committed to Toledo, join Brown, a 6-5, 330-pound senior offensive guard-defensive tackle bound for Northern Illinois, as the only repeat honorees on the 2011 PSL All-City Football Team as chosen by the league’s head coaches.

The 34-player team is comprised of at least one player from each of the league’s 18 varsity football teams and the number of selections for each team is based on where it placed in the regular-season Division standings – first-place (four), second -place (three), third-place (two) and fourth-place on down (one).  The team is comprised of 27 seniors, six juniors and one freshman.

From left (front row) Kettering's Ralph Gibson, Cass Tech's Darryl Goldsmith, Douglass' Brandon Brown, Crockett's Nicholas Tripp, Crockett's Marquis Thomas ,(second row) Denby's Jalen McCroy, Kettering's Ashante Smith, Douglass' Marquis Steward, Pershing's Veyon Bentley, Northwestern's Michael Youngblood, Douglass' Demetrius Stinson, Crockett's Leon Johnson, Southeastern's Mercedes Williamson, (back row) Osborn's Dorian Cowans, King's Da'Vaun Williams, Douglass' Donovan Howard, Cody's Demitrius Carpenter, Crockett's Brian Blackburn, Ford's Aaron Coleman, Ford's Victor Edge Jr., Finney's Damien Hill, Western's Donovan Wilson, Ford's Dazvon Jeffferson. Not pictured: Cass Tech's Jourdan Lewis, King's Dennis Norfleet, Samuel Tate and Maurice Johnson, Central's Dario Stovall, Ford's DeMarco Johnson, Mumford's Daron Brown, Pershing's Demetrius Newsome, Renaissance's Jabari Dean, Southwestern's Marino Waters and Romello Ross

From left (front row) Kettering’s Ralph Gibson, Cass Tech’s Darryl Goldsmith, Douglass’ Brandon Brown, Crockett’s Nicholas Tripp, Crockett’s Marquis Thomas ,(second row) Denby’s Jalen McCroy, Kettering’s Ashante Smith, Douglass’ Marquis Steward, Pershing’s Veyon Bentley, Northwestern’s Michael Youngblood, Douglass’ Demetrius Stinson, Crockett’s Leon Johnson, Southeastern’s Mercedes Williamson, (back row) Osborn’s Dorian Cowans, King’s Da’Vaun Williams, Douglass’ Donovan Howard, Cody’s Demitrius Carpenter, Crockett’s Brian Blackburn, Ford’s Aaron Coleman, Ford’s Victor Edge Jr., Finney’s Damien Hill, Western’s Donovan Wilson, Ford’s Dazvon Jeffferson. Not pictured: Cass Tech’s Jourdan Lewis, King’s Dennis Norfleet, Samuel Tate and Maurice Johnson, Central’s Dario Stovall, Ford’s DeMarco Johnson, Mumford’s Daron Brown, Pershing’s Demetrius Newsome, Renaissance’s Jabari Dean, Southwestern’s Marino Waters and Romello Ross

Joining Norfleet, Blackburn and Brown on the squad are Cass Tech’s Darryl Goldsmith, a 6-1, 315-pound senior nose guard and offensive guard; and Jourdan Lewis, a 5-11 wide receiver-cornerback;Central’s Dario Stovall, a senior running back-defensive back;

Cody’s Demitrius Carpenter, a  6-1, 245-pound senior nose guard-center;

Crockett’s Nicholas Tripp, a 5-8, 170-pound senior wide receiver-defensive back; Marquis Thomas, a 5-8, 180-pound senior running back; and Leon Johnson, a 5-11, 220-pound junior defensive end;

Denby’s Jalen McCroy, a 5-11, 175-pound junior running back-defensive back;

Douglass’ Demetrius Stinson, a 5-10, 200-pound junior running back-defensive back;  Marquis Steward, a 6-0, 230-pound senior middle linebacker-tight end;  Brandon Brown, a 5-8, 230-pound senior center-defensive end; and Donovan Howard, a 6-1, 315-pound senior fullback-defensive tackle;

Ford’s DeMarco Johnson, a 6-3, 205-pound junior offensive tackle; Aaron Coleman, a 6-2, 270-pound senior center-defensive tackle;  Victor Edge Jr., a 6-3, 195-pound senior quarterback-safety-punter; and Dazvon Jefferson, a 6-2, 265-pound senior defensive tackle-offensive guard;

Kettering’s Ralph Gibson, a 6-1, 185-pound senior quarterback-free safety; and Ashante Smith, a 5-11, 250-pound senior guard-nose guard;

King’s Da’Vaun Williams, a 6-1, 208-pound junior quarterback; Samuel Tate, a 6-5, 280-pound senior offensive lineman; and Maurice Johnson, a 5-9, 170-pound senior defensive back;

Northwestern’s Michael Youngblood, a 5-11, 205-pound senior middle linebacker-fullback;

Osborn’s Dorian Cowans, a 6-3, 190-pound defensive end-running back-kick returner;

Pershing’s Veyon Bentley, a 5-11, 200-pound senior linebacker-running back; and Demetrius Newsome, a 6-2, 170-pound senior flanker;

Renaissance’s Jabari Dean, a 6-2, 290-pound senior defensive tackle;

Southeastern’s Mercedes Williamson, a 6-0, 165-pound senior wide receiver-cornerback;

Southwestern’s Marino Waters, a 5-9 ½, 185-pound senior linebacker; and Romello Ross, a 5-10, 170-pound freshman; and

Western’s Donovan Wilson, a 6-3, 290-pound defensive end-offensive lineman.

In a vote of league coaches, Crockett High’s Rod Oden is the 2011 PSL Coach of the Year after guiding the Rockets to an 8-1 regular-season record and the Division 1 title with a 21-19 victory against King in the championship game at Ford Field. First-year coach Al Demps, whose Douglass High Hurricanes defeated Ford 28-0 to win the Division II title game and finished the regular season 8-1, was runner-up for the honor.

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