On the menu: Michigan grown acorn squash! DPS is celebrating National Food Day, serving local produce in all schools

District serves Michigan-grown fruit and vegetables in schools as part of its Farm-to-School program, which is in all schools for the first time this year

In conjunction with Detroit Public Schools’ growing Farm-to-School program, students in every DPS school will celebrate national Food Day on Monday with lunch items that include local produce, including Michigan-grown acorn squash and Michigan-grown blueberries.

The DPS Office of Food Services first launched its Farm-to-School program in the Fall of 2009, serving local/regional fresh fruits and vegetables to students in 22 schools. The program expanded to 43 schools last year and is now in every school. Food Day is a nationwide campaign to change the way Americans eat and think about food. Organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day encourages people around the country to sponsor or participate in activities that encourage Americans to “eat real” and support healthy, affordable food grown in a sustainable, humane way

Media Op:

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24

Marcus Garvey Academy 2301 Van Dyke, Detroit

Menu being served: Turkey Patty on Whole Wheat Bun, Michigan Grown Acorn Squash, Michigan Grown Blueberries, 4 oz. Orange Juice, Fat Free Flavored Milk/1% White Milk

“The Detroit Public Schools/OFS takes every opportunity to improve and enhance the  awareness of our students and their parents related to healthy eating practices by participating in such national education outreach programs such as Food Day,” said Betti Wiggins, Executive Director of Food Services.

Each month a local/regional fruit or vegetable is placed on the DPS menus and introduced to our students:

September: Michigan-grown Peaches

October: Michigan-grown Acorn Squash and Blueberries

November: Baked Potatoes

December: Sweet Potatoes

January, February, March and April: a variety of Michigan-grown Apples

May, Michigan-grown Asparagus

June: Assorted Fresh Vegetables.

The district also has vastly expanded its healthy food offerings. The district is educating our students to eat healthy by introducing new fresh fruits and vegetables that are offered on the daily menu, unbreaded meats and whole wheat grains. And for the first time, every student in DPS receives free lunches, breakfast and snacks, regardless of income.

Ongoing all week:

In an effort to educate the entire family on healthy food available right here in Michigan, parents visiting any of the 8 DPS Parent Resource Centers will have an opportunity to discover what foods Michigan grows and how parents can play  an important role in introducing their children to a lifetime of healthy eating and living.

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