Agreement with witness reached in DPS real estate hearings

The Detroit Public Schools Office of Inspector General announced today that it has reached an agreement with Sharon Harbin to resolve the lawsuit filed by former Emergency Manager Robert C. Bobb seeking an order to compel Ms. Harbin to testify at public investigative hearings regarding past real estate transactions of the Detroit Public Schools.  

Ms. Harbin declined to testify at the hearings, while asserting concerns about the fairness of the public hearings as well as questioning Mr. Bobb’s statutory authority to compel witnesses to appear and testify at the hearings.

Ms. Harbin voluntarily met with Mr. Bobb’s staff prior to the opening of the public hearings.  Later, she also met for a second time with representatives of the Office of Inspector General and provided further information pertaining to past real estate transactions of DPS.  Mr. Bobb agreed to dismiss the lawsuit against Ms. Harbin as a result of her cooperation with the investigation

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