Through social media, more than 100 pastors, principals, parents, athletes and community leaders are blanketing Detroit with DPS safety message

Detroit Public Schools, which is mounting a massive effort to keep Detroit students safe in and around schools, is using a powerful social media technique to blanket Detroit with a message of safety. With the help of 126 pastors, principals, parents, student athletes and community leaders, who are sending a new safety video across their personal social media networks, the recently-recorded safety message has been played 1,616 times. A 30-second Public Service Announcement also is in circulation on TV stations, while radio spots on the airwaves.

For the longer safety video, the district adopted a technique called “COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere,” which has helped to vastly expand website page growth and messaging for organizations like NPR. Working with Detroit Public Television and WRCJ 90.9 FM, the district created a five-minute safety-start-up video and is matching it with personalized introductions from principals throughout DPS, pastors, community leaders and others.

Example safety video from Rev. Wendell Anthony, Pastor of Fellowship Chapel.

Rev. Wendell Anthony

Full 5 minute video:

DPS Safety Video

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