New DPS Parent Resource Center workshops to help parents prepare their children for the MEAP and the new school

Detroit Public Schools’ eight Parent Resource Centers will offer a series of workshops over the next two weeks that will help parents impart good study habits, test-taking strategies and good decision-making skills to their children.

September Parent Workshops

The Parent Resource Centers are comfortable community gathering spaces equipped with multiple computers, as well as phones, sofas, small libraries, play areas for children and more. They offer weekly workshops aimed at helping DPS parents improve their skills so they can help their children reach their full potential.

The upcoming workshops will be held at each center; times will vary (schedule attached):

September 19-23

Barriers: Helping children to make good choices

Parents will learn strategies for helping their children choose the right friends, use their free time to do the right things and create good study habits for the new school year.

September 27-30

Test-taking skills that work for your child

Parents will learn about the MEAP tests – what they are and why they are important. They will learn tips to help their children get ready and test-taking skills.

Dates vary:

Planning your first Title I meeting for the 2011-2012 school year

School parent leaders will learn strategies for planning and executing these important meetings, including requirements and important deadlines.

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