DPS to blanket community with safety message through partnership with DPTV, WRCJ-FM and hundreds of principals, pastors and community leaders

Detroit Public Schools, which is mounting a massive effort to keep Detroit students safe in and around schools, is blanketing the community with safety video messages through a partnership with the city, state and leaders across the region.

Working with Detroit Public Television and WRCJ 90.9 FM, the district has created a five-minute safety-start-up video and is matching it with personalized introductions from principals throughout DPS, pastors, and community leaders.

DPS Safety Video

The goal is to have leaders and principals from across the city create individualized messages which they can disseminate to their respective communities that stress the importance of keeping children safe. Using the powerful networks and tools of social media, the district hopes to have the safety message blanket the city.

See example videos below, with and intro by DPS principal Brenda Belcher and Reverend Charles Christian Adams of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, which can be cut and pasted into any email, twitter message, or website for an individual school’s parents, teachers and students to view or any community audience.

Rev. Christian Adams of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church

The safety videos are part of an unprecedented multi-agency school safety partnership between the DPS Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Michigan State Police, citizen patrol groups, community leaders and Detroit Public Television to keep students safer in and around schools.

The partnership includes broad and in-depth strategies, including enhanced security and improved cameras, alarms and visitor monitoring technology on school campuses; newly-defined safe routes to three schools deemed hot spots, which will include heightened multi-agency patrols; crime data analysis and registered sex offender locations shared among agencies; crime prevention strategies developed among departments based on data analysis; youth character development training for officers; social media analysis to identify burgeoning problems; and expanded citizen patrols through a Call to Action for more volunteers to patrol in and around schools.

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