Marcus Garvey Principal James A. Hearn (Akiba Nkosi) to receive the Coleman A. Young Foundation 2011 Educator of the Year Award

Marcus Garvey Academy Principal James A. Hearn (Akiba Nkosi) has been selected as the Coleman A. Young Foundation 2011 Educator of the Year.

Hearn received high letters of recommendation from former Emergency Manager Robert C. Bobb, who wrote, “James Hearn stepped up quickly and confidently to one of the greatest opportunities and challenges of his career in 2009 when the decision was made to consolidate his small but high performing elementary/middle program with that of two neighboring schools into an expanded, PK- school in what was formerly the Butzel Middle School.” 

Region II Superintendent, Derrick R. Coleman, wrote:  “He embraces without hesitation the responsibility for providing assistance, direction, and guidance to young people in need of support; furthermore, his desire to connect families with resources to break the cyclical chains of poverty that constrain them is an admirable quality desperately needed in these challenging times. “

Selection criteria are based on individuals from the educational community who exemplify leadership characteristics and the spirit of the late Coleman A. Young, and who are engaged in providing educational programs and activities for youth to motivate them to achieve measurable outcomes. 

Where and When:

The Coleman A. Young Foundation 2011 Detroit Educator of the Year Award will be presented to Hearn today, Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at the Annual Scholar Awards Program, at 5:30 p.m. at the Greektown Casino Hotel.  Tickets for the annual fundraiser are $150; the cost is $50 per person for Marcus Garvey staff.  Please contact Dr. Claudette Smith at 313 962-2200 for ticket information and/or contributions to the scholarship fund.   

James Hearn (Akiba Nkosi) will also be honored by his staff and students during a Community Reception which will be held at Marcus Garvey Academy, 2301 Van Dyke, Detroit, MI  on Wednesday, May 24, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.  This event is free of charge.

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