Nearly 2,600 DPS students enrolled in college classes at their schools through new program with Wayne County Community College

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Nearly 2,600 Detroit Public Schools students are now taking college classes through Wayne County Community College District as part of the new Concurrent Enrollment Program, which gives 11th- and 12th-grade students at the district’s 23 comprehensive high schools the opportunity to earn tuition-free college credits.

The program is incorporated in DPS’ five-year academic plan, which vastly increased the opportunities for students to learn outside the traditional curriculum, including more extended day opportunities and a robust summer school program. Only about 400 students were participating in dual enrollment opportunities prior to this program.

“The response to this program has been tremendous. We were aiming for 2,000 and got far more than that,” said DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb. “The students who have enrolled are now well on their way to forming the foundation of a stronger, more knowledgeable work force for Detroit and Michigan.”

“We are delighted with the enthusiastic response for DPS high school students to our dual enrollment program. We believe the high interest in this program clearly demonstrates that high school students want higher educational opportunities open to them in order to get a head start on their future careers,” said Dr. Curtis L. Ivery, Chancellor, WCCCD. “It makes us proud that we are able to provide students with this seamless educational pathway from high school to college.”

Cass Technical High School leads the way with 470 students enrolled, followed by Denby High School with 293 and Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School with 194. Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school for young mothers, has 27 students enrolled.

Some 1,481 students are enrolled in 17 three- and four-credit courses that are taught by WCCCD instructors. These include Business, Psychology, Math, English, Biology and Political Science. Two one-credit courses – Career and Professional Development and Community College Orientation – have a combined enrollment of 1117. DPS and WCCCD are covering students’ costs, with students required to pay only $50 per three-credit course to help defray the cost of textbooks.

Applicants were required to be juniors or seniors with an endorsement from their principal, a 2.5 grade point average and no major code-of-conduct issues.

WCCCD and DPS have successfully collaborated to offer dual enrollment programs such as the Detroit Allied Health Middle College High School and Middle College Multicultural Educational Exchange Program. WCCCD’s Middle College High School program also gives 9th and 10th grade students an opportunity to study rigorous, relevant core college academics while in high school.

WCCCD instructors come to students two or three days per week. Students may take one or two courses per semester, with smaller high schools generally offering one course per semester and larger schools offering two or more. The courses are:

Allied Health – Medical Ethics (ALH 230)
Biology – Human Ecology (BIO 151) – 4 credits
Introductory Biology (BIO 155) 4 credits
Business – Introduction to Business (BUS 150)
Business – Computer Application in Business (BUS 225)
Criminal Justice – Introduction to Criminal Justice(CJS 100)
Dietetic Technology -Fundamentals of Nutrition (DT 130)
English – Career and Technical Writing II – (ENG 115)
Health Science – Lifespan Development (HSC 200)
History – History of the United States II, 1865 to Present (HIS 250)
Humanities – Intro to the Performing Arts (HUM 102)
Human Services (HUS 105)
Pre Algebra (MAT 105)
Political Science (PS 101)
Psychology (PSY 101)
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 100)
Speech (SPH 101)
Career and Professional Development (CPD 100) 1 credit
Community College Orientation (CCO 100) 1 credit

WCCCD, the largest urban community college in Michigan, is a multi-campus district with five campus locations, University Center and the Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education (MIPSE), serving 32 cities and townships, spanning more than 500 square miles. WCCCD is committed to the continued development of new programs, hosting community-based training sessions, improving student facilities and services. For more information contact:

About the Detroit Public Schools’ academic plan
Under the district’s five-year academic plan, students are seeing a more rigorous academic curriculum in every school. The academic plan includes: expanded time for reading and mathematics under a common core curriculum; pre-algebra for 7th graders; tutors for pre-kindergartners through the Volunteer Reading Corps; additional language courses; more Advanced Placement courses; and more opportunities for student apprenticeships, internships, shadowing and mentorships.

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