Kettering West Wing students have their artwork on display at the DPS Welcome Center

Kettering High School (West Wing) is a center based special education center that services students from the ages of 14 – 26 years old who have been identified as moderately cognitively impaired (MOCI), severely cognitively impaired (SCI), severely multiply impaired (SXI), and autistic spectrum disorder (AI).

We have successfully participated in the integration of several West Wing students in the general education curriculum in such areas as: physical education, ROTC, and cosmetology (hair braiding program).

From Teacher Margaret MacDonald: “My students have cognitive and some physical challenges. This project was not from a kit. It was created from cardboard looms which we made from the boxes that our computers came in and string and yarn. Nothing was premade. I gave directions and demonstrated how to do this project. They worked very hard on this project. I am very proud of them.”

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