Upcoming edition of the "DPS: Backstage" radio program to feature Cass Tech Men’s Glee Club

“DPS: Backstage,” the student-produced radio program that showcases the best in DPS talent, this month will feature the Cass Tech Men’s Glee club and their collaboration with the University of Michigan’s 151-year-old Men’s Glee club as a part of a music exchange program called “Brothers in Song”.

The episode will air at 7 p.m. Wednesday night on WRCJ 90.9 FM.
It will include interviews with Dr. Cheryl Harden, Cass Tech music instructor, and several of the young men of Cass Tech who performed. The program will feature excerpts from the actual performance at University of Michigan’s Hill Auditorium on November 20th.

The episode will also include an interview with Rick Sperling, founder of the Mosaic Youth Theater, about an upcoming performance that features nearly 75 Detroit Public Schools students.

“DPS: Backstage” airs the second Wednesday of every month on 90.9 WRCJ and is committed to showcasing the talents and abilities of DPS students in Fine and Performing Arts programs.

“DPS: Backstage” is available On Demand at all times. If you’ve missed any of the exciting programs that have already aired this year, check them out here: www.wrcjfm.org/index.php/dps-backstage

” Inside Detroit Public Schools,” a student-produced news and information show, will air this Sunday at 7 p.m. For past episodes, visit: www.wrcjfm.org/index.php/detroit-public-school-news

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