Three DPS high schools will receive $60.3 million in extensive renovations, modern classrooms

Detroit-Three DPS high schools that educate more than 3,850 students will undergo $60.3 million in remodeling and technology improvements to create modernized classrooms, enhanced security entrances and other improvements to each school.

Groundbreakings took place Monday for the three projects, which will be constructed by three Detroit headquartered contractor teams.

Henry Ford High School will receive a $17 million overhaul, including a complete interior makeover to create classrooms suited for 21st century learning in the existing building, as well as an expansion of the existing student dining area and the addition of two sustainable technology labs.

The electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems will be upgraded and improvements to the technology systems are planned. An exterior courtyard will also be created to support green and renewable energy initiatives at the school. Security needs will be addressed through the renovation.

The renovation and additions, set to begin in August 2010, at Henry Ford High School are scheduled for completion by September 2011. DPS has selected Keo/McCarthy & Smith Team, a 50 percent Detroit headquartered team.

Denby High School will see a $16.5 million renovation that includes a complete roof replacement and heating systems improvements, as well as new lighting and flooring. Technology upgrades are also planned throughout the building.

A new commons area will be constructed for student dining and other activities. A portion of the existing dining area will be re-purposed to provide adequate kitchen, serving, and delivery / receiving areas to support the new commons. The remaining space will be renovated to create a new multi-purpose area designed for use as a senior high school student dining room and as meeting space for student clubs and organizations.

Denby’s auditorium will be a primary focus for the interior renovation of the school. This beautiful, turn of the century, performance venue will be restored to the center of pride and usefulness that it once enjoyed.

Classrooms will be modernized and upgrades will be made to the lighting and electrical systems. In addition, interior and exterior security upgrades are planned. A new entry vestibule will provide a single, secure point of entry for the school to enhance safety of students and staff.

Vehicular access to the site and designated parking areas will be maintained in existing locations. Some parking spaces will be diverted to accommodate the new Cafeteria / Commons addition. Site work will be limited to the area immediately surrounding the Cafeteria and secure entry new additions. Further repair and / or replacement of perimeter fencing will be completed as needed, and new decorative fencing will be provided at the front of the building.

The renovation and additions at Denby High School are scheduled to begin in August 2010 and be completed September 2011. DPS has selected O’Brien Edwards / Turner Joint Venture, a 50 percent Detroit headquartered team.

Western International High School’s $26.8 million renovations include infrastructure improvements for heating, air quality and lighting. In addition, improvements will also include modernized classrooms to create flexible learning spaces.

Western will have a new athletic facility addition with a natatorium, gymnasium and exercise facility that will be constructed for dual use by students and the community. The existing pool will be filled in and the space converted into the visual and performing arts area and a cultural arts center. In addition, a security entrance will be created as well as renovation to the administrative area.

The Western International High School renovation project is scheduled to begin in August 2010 and be completed by September 2011. DPS has selected Colansanti/DCI Joint Venture, a 100 percent Detroit headquartered team.

Construction work to date includes nine high schools and PreK to 8 schools and the development of a new Office of Public Safety Headquarters and Operations Center that will help transform the way buildings are secured, making them safer for students and staff.

All combined, the 10 projects total $180.4 million in prime contracts to Detroit-headquartered firms. Construction on the 10 sites is currently underway or is set to begin this summer. All 10 projects are scheduled to be completed by fall 2011 or earlier.

The 10 projects start seven months after voter approval of Proposal S, six months since the sale of the bonds, and five months after the initial selection of the program manager, Walbridge Joint Venture for Detroit Public Schools.

Detroit voters approved the Proposal S Bond Referendum last November which enabled the district to access $500.5 million in federal dollars for school capital improvement projects. DPS received the 6th largest allocation in the nation.

The DPS School Construction Program will build a total of seven new schools. Eleven more will receive extensive renovations or additions. All 18 schools are scheduled for completion by September 2012 to comply with federal guidelines.

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