2010 PSL boys’ baseball schedule

Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Pick-up Time: 2:45 p.m.
Return Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Practice Bus–Monday
Cass (Diamond #1)
Northwestern (Diamond #2)

East Division: (PLAYING SITES) Denby (Denby); King (King), Pershing (Jayne Field), Cass (Bishop Park-Northwestern), Kettering (Kettering), Crockett (Jayne Field), Osborn (Osborn), Finney (Maheras-Gentry Park), Southeastern (Manz Field).

West Division: (PLAYING SITES) Central (Central), Cody (Stein Park), Mumford (Mumford), Henry Ford (Henry Ford), Renaissance (Renaissance), CMA (Redford), Northwestern (Northwestern-Bishop Park), Southwestern (Redford/Jayne), Western (Clark Park).

Tuesday, April 13: EAST — Denby at King, Pershing at Cass, Kettering at Crockett, Osborn at Finney, Southeastern bye. WEST — Cody at Mumford, Henry Ford at Renaissance, CMA at Central, Osborn at Finney, Northwestern at Southwestern, Western bye

Friday, April 16: EAST — Cass at Southeastern, Denby at Crockett, Pershing at Finney, Kettering at Osborn, King bye. WEST — Western at Renaissance, CMA at Cody, Henry Ford at Southwestern, Central at Northwestern, Mumford bye.

Tuesday, April 20: EAST — King at Crockett, Southeastern at Finney, Denby at Osborn, Pershing at Kettering, Cass bye. WEST — Mumford at CMA, Southwestern at Western, Cody at Northwestern, Central at Henry Ford, Renaissance bye.

Friday, April 23: EAST — Cass at Finney, King at Osborn, Southeastern at Kettering, Denby at Pershing, Crockett bye. WEST — Renaissance at Southwestern, Mumford at Northwestern, Western at Central, Cody at Henry Ford, CMA bye.

Tuesday, April 27: EAST — Crockett at Osborn, Cass at Kettering, King at Pershing, Southeastern at Denby, Finney bye. WEST — Northwestern at CMA, Central at Renaissance, Mumford at Henry Ford, Western at Cody, Southwestern bye.

Friday, April 30: EAST — Finney at Kettering, Crockett at Pershing, Cass at Denby, Southeastern at King, Osborn bye. WEST — Southwestern at Central, CMA at Henry Ford, Renaissance at Cody, Western at Mumford, Northwestern bye.

Tuesday, May 4: EAST — Osborn at Pershing, Finney at Denby, Crockett at Southeastern, King at Cass, Kettering bye. WEST — Henry Ford at Northwestern, Southwestern at Cody, CMA at Western, Renaissance at Mumford, Central bye.

Friday, May 7: EAST — Kettering at Denby, Osborn at Southeastern, Finney at King, Crockett at Cass, Pershing bye. WEST — Cody at Central, Northwestern at Western, Mumford at Southwestern, Renaissance at CMA, Henry Ford bye.

Tuesday, May 11: EAST — Pershing at Southeastern, Kettering at King, Osborn at Cass, Finney at Crockett, Denby bye. WEST — Henry Ford at Western, Central at Mumford, Northwestern at Renaissance, Southwestern at CMA, Cody bye.

Boys’ Playoffs

Tie-Breaker and playoff meeting Thursday, May 13
Quarter-Finals (Jayne Field) — Monday, May 17
Semi-Finals (Northwestern) — Thursday, May 20

Championship Game (Comerica Park) Wednesday, May 26

Make-Up Rain Out Day will be Wednesdays

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