Attorney General weighs in on DPS case to compel testimony; assigns DPS attorney as a Special Assistant Attorney General

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Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has designated Darice Weber, who is representing Detroit Public Schools’ Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb in a lawsuit to compel witness testimony, as a Special Assistant Attorney General in that case.

The designation effectively means Weber, who has been representing Bobb during investigative hearings into questionable real estate transactions, is acting as part of Cox’s staff and is on loan for this case.

“Mr. Bobb is truly doing a remarkable job that will benefit the entire state, and that is why I am glad to be of assistance,” Cox said.

Weber will act in the capacity as one of Cox’s litigators, including signing court filings as a special assistant attorney general.

Some witnesses have refused to testify before Bobb in the real estate investigative hearings despite provisions under Public Act 72, the act under which Bobb was appointed, which states that an Emergency Financial Manager has the authority to require the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, contracts, and other documents relevant to an analysis of the financial condition of the school district.

Weber is a partner at the law firm of Lewis and Munday.

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