DFT and DPS Reach Tentative 3-Year Agreement

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DFT and DPS Reach Tentative 3-Year Agreement

The focus of both the DPS and DFT is a commitment to enhancing the education that Detroit Public School children receive. Both parties believe firmly they have reached a tentative agreement that is both good for Detroit children and families, and fair for Detroit teachers.

The tentative agreement is historic in setting major reforms initiated by both the teachers union and the Detroit Public Schools. They have reached a three-year contract with several reforms that would drive the enhancement of student achievement, including school based bonuses, best practices at priority schools, peer assistance and review, jointly determined staff development, shared decision making, and comprehensive teacher evaluation designed to further enhance teacher performance.

Both parties recognized the severe financial conditions of the district and sought innovative approaches to save money. There is no pay increase for the first two years of the contract. The contract contains a 1 percent increase in the third year of the contract, with a possible additional 2 percent increase based on student enrollment and state aid.

The district and union also recognized the need to control skyrocketing health care costs and agreed to several measures that will save the district $28 million while continuing to provide quality health care coverage for employees and their families.

The nature of our roles as union and management is that we may disagree on issues, but never on focus. Our mutual focus is to provide the best learning environment for all of our students, at every school, in every neighborhood across the district. We jointly, with all of our resources, commit to transform the Detroit Public Schools through this historic and evolutionary contract.

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