DPS to offer tuition-free credit recovery courses to help seniors graduate

Contact: Steven Wasko at 313-873-4542 or Jennifer Mrozowski at 313-873-8401

Beginning Oct. 19, Detroit Public Schools for the first time will offer tuition-free credit recovery classes to help seniors, who have fallen behind in their coursework, to graduate.

DPS 12th grade students who are eligible for graduation in June 2010 or August 2010 may attend as part of the new Extended Day Program. Classes will be offered in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Students will be required to pay a $25 materials’ fee regardless of the number of classes taken. Previously, students were required to pay up to $250 per class.

“We made a decision to offer this program at virtually no charge to provide more students the opportunity to access credit-recovery courses,” said Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the district’s Chief Academic and Accountability Auditor. “We hope this program will help more of our students to graduate. We don’t believe that students should have to pay for a system that failed them in the past.”

The Extended Day Program will run for two semesters beginning Monday, Oct. 19, for the first semester, and Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 for the second semester.

Classes will be offered at 15 high school sites throughout the city: Central, Cooley, Crockett, Denby, Finney, Ford, Kettering, King, Mumford, Northwestern, Osborn, Pershing, Southeastern, Southwestern and Western. Every senior who has failed a class in a required course area and would graduate in June or August of 2010 is eligible to enroll for classes.

Students must receive a form from their home school counselor indicating classes to be taken. Classes generally will be 1.5-2 hours, with up to 2 classes taken per night. However, the different sites have designed their own schedules to meet their needs according to enrollment.

The classes will be funded through federal Title I dollars allocated to the district. Students who do not attend DPS are invited to attend the Extended Day Program for a fee of $250 per class.

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