Bill Cosby Returning Sunday; contest to be held

Celebrated actor, activist and comedian Dr. Bill Cosby, who was in the city recently to campaign for Detroit Public Schools and free public education, is returning to the city Sunday, Sept. 13 to tout the Great Things Happening in Detroit Public Schools.

But that’s not all!

Dr. Cosby also plans to celebrate and tout the Detroit Public Library and Wayne County Community College District. He will create Public Service Announcements for each of the three agencies inside the Detroit Public Library – main library branch, 5201 Woodward Avenue.

A contest will be held for available seats for the public to attend a portion of the taping. Media will be invited to a portion of the taping event at 12:15 p.m. Sunday. (Students can be interviewed beforehand at noon.) A press conference will be held after taping is complete at 2 p.m.

Dr. Cosby is returning less than two weeks after teaming up with DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb in efforts to retain and regain school-aged children for DPS. No DPS funds will be used to pay Cosby’s expenses.

“While we have been excited about the level of attention our enrollment campaign has garnered, I could not have predicted the enormously important impact Dr. Cosby’s visit had on parents throughout our community,” Bobb said. “His words speaking directly to them – both via the television cameras and face-to-face on the streets of Detroit – resonated in ways that we continue to hear about every day. We thank Dr. Cosby for his continued interest in DPS and Detroit’s assets, like the Detroit Public Library and Wayne County Community College District.”

Cosby first volunteered to assist DPS after being impressed with CNN coverage on the indictment of DPS’ workers for fraud and theft.

On hearing Robert Bobb’s comments, “I don’t care if the crook is a little guy or the chief executive. I do not care if they own the company or drive the trucks to the company’s loading dock. I do not care if they’ve been doing this for 20 years or 20 minutes. We’re coming to get you,” Cosby called Bobb and said, “Where do I pick up my uniform? I want to be on your team!”

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