DPS Emergency Financial Manager Conducting Contractor Pre-Bid Meeting

Mr. Robert C. Bobb, DPS Emergency Financial Manager, will conduct a mandatory pre-bid meeting for contractors interested in providing services for district schools impacted under the 2009 Reinvestment Schools Program.
All work will be implemented over the summer months for the District’s overall improvement program. Facilities included will those noted as receiving students from closing schools. Current postings for the 2009 Reinvestment Schools Program include the following:

– At-Risk Design-Build contract(s) for general enhancements including, but not limited
to improved lighting, plumbing and surface enhancements. (13 Projects)

– At-Risk Design-Build contract(s) for security enhancements (1 Project)

– At-Risk Design-Build contract(s) for mechanical system enhancements (3 Projects)

– Professional Service contract(s) for roofing system assessments (1 Project)

– Professional Service contract(s) for environmental assessment consulting
& air monitoring. (4 Projects)

The pre-bid meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 10:30 am at the Detroit Public Schools Support Services Complex building located at 1601 Farnsworth, Building C.

Bobb will discuss the bid process, expectations and timeline. Bid documents are posted on the public school construction page of the State of Michigan website (www.michigan.gov/buymichiganfirst), the Detroit Public Schools website (www.detroitk12.org) as well as DemandStar (www.demandstar.com).

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