Detroit, MI — Morbid obesity, stroke, arthrosclerosis, joint problems.those are some of the new names for ‘childhood diseases.’ It is no secret that far too many of America’s children are woefully out of shape and at a high risk of developing serious medical problems that used to be the nearly exclusive ‘right of passage’ for adults.middle aged or older. It is a frightening change in our society but, it is one that can be turned around one child at a time.

At Carstens Elementary School, they are determined to succeed in that effort and live by the rule.’Stop Everything And Start Exercising Now’ or SEASEN (For Change). It is a special comprehensive fitness program that is supported by Carstens’ community partner, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Social Mission Department and the Carstens family is on board.

The staff understand how to reach the children and keep them interested in the program, utilizing a bit of creativity to help students and parents stay focused on actions that contribute to good health.
– Proper Nutrition meaning healthy foods and snacks everywhere
– Adequate water consumption
– Increased physical activity-the daily, ‘end of the day,’ half-hour, total school Workout Regimen
– Monthly Wellness Assemblies-exciting speakers and tasty, healthy treats. The assemblies focus on many ‘health related’ topics such as adequate sleep, conflict resolution, school safety and self esteem.
– Monthly parent workshops featuring healthy foods and giveaways to show parents how to easily make healthy diet changes
– A newsletter and Fitness Calendar Bulletin-to keep reminding the students about getting healthier

“SEASEN OF Change is our way of responding to the lack of adequate health care coverage, the devastating economy and the lack of a sufficient number of recreational facilities for our children. Our school proudly serves as a beacon of hope for the positive, healthy changes that can be made with just a little effort,” said Carstens Principal, Theresa Mattison. An added bonus-SEASEN is free so every child can participate.

This is the second year of the program at Carstens. They’re busy as a beehive, working on long and short term healthy lifestyle improvements, one household at a time.

To get information about enrolling in a Detroit Public School call 313-873-7098

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