Detroit, MI — Earlier this year, Ms. Simone Perry, a 7th/8th grade science teacher,
and Ms. Atyra Johnson, a math teacher at Pulaski Elementary/Middle School took
12 Pulaski students to the Engineering Society of Detroit’s (ESD), Future City
competition. They had worked very hard on their project, but they won no prizes.

It was a minor set back because the Engineering Society of Detroit later named
Ms. Perry an Outstanding ESD Future City Teacher of the Year. It was the
victory she and her students needed. She’s been honored for her hard work-working
through lunch hours-during holiday breaks-meeting her students and their parents
at the library for research duty-squeezing in as much teaching as possible-showing
her students they were in the competition for the long run.

The Future City project challenges students to design every aspect of a future city
around global warming, renewable energy, recycling and energy-efficient products.
Her students named the city Tikyo and filled it with schools, parks, renewing centers,
water centers, museums, galleries and a dome. The program targets 7th and 8th grade
students to increase their interest in math, science, and engineering with hands-on,
applications of the principles they’ve learned. She and her students created the city
with the help of a mentor from ESD-Cary M. Junior who was also honored by being
named the Outstanding ESD Future City Mentor of the Year for his work.

How is it that Ms. Perry won such an award? From ESD.’her hard work and
dedication impressed us and we were excited to present her with this award.’
Ms. Perry has been teaching at Pulaski for 15 years and can be reached at 866-7022.

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