Detroit, MI — All winter the winds have been pushing bits of trash all over the city and some of it ended up on the campus of the Phoenix Academy. But, like that legendary bird, the Phoenix Academy family will help their school rise above the trash with a new look for spring.

On Saturday, April 4, from 10 a.m. until noon, major clean-up action will take place. About 50 Phoenix parents, along with their children and members of the staff, plus other volunteers such as Councilwoman, Sheila Cockrel, will be picking up trash, sweeping away dirt, getting rid of graffiti and painting the school. But the work won’t stop there. The volunteers will take on trashy empty lots, and other structures in the neighborhood in need of a clean-up. The school received some help from Home Depot for the project. The company donated 30, 5 gallon cans of paint which will go a long way in the spruce up campaign.

This project is the brainchild of the school’s LSCO group. It serves three main purposes. First, it will certainly beautify the grounds and school by just removing unwanted trash. Second, according to LSCO President, Mrs. Rocio Ocamto, “we want the children to learn to help keep their school and the grounds clean.not to litter. This is their second home and they should treat it as well as where they live,”

Third, the volunteers want this mini-cleanup campaign to start a trend in the neighborhood. They hope that when residents see how great the Phoenix building and grounds look after the clean up work, they too will work on their homes and yards, and one house at a time a bright and clean neighborhood will rise from the debris of winter.

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